Why do Relay?

Here are some reasons we think Relay is one of the best ways to be equipped for a lifetime of walking with Jesus.

Relay is about investing in you

As a Relay Worker, you have a team of people committed to your growth – your Staff Worker's role is to support you, encourage you and challenge you. Observing and working with someone more experienced in the Christian life and ministry is an invaluable opportunity to grow in a life-on-life way. You'll also be part of a regional team of other Staff and Relay Workers to help spur you on, alongside the national fellowship of UCCF.

Relay is about skills AND character

Relay will equip and train you in Bible handling, leading Bible studies, speaking evangelistically, pastoral ministry and many other skills. But, at its heart there's a deliberate focus on growth in character and godliness. A strong distinctive of Relay is the detailed application of grace to every area of life and ministry. We know that the gospel of grace is not only the entrance to the Christian life, but the engine as well. What Relay does is to practically work that out in the everyday. Again and again the testimony of Relay Workers is that they came to Relay feeling that they had so much to give to a CU, only to discover that God decided, through Relay, to teach them that sustainable and Christ-like living and ministry is done in the context of dependence on His grace.

Relay offers a huge range of experiences

As a Relay Worker, working with UCCF you will be uniquely placed to work among students involved in the most creative, persuasive and fruitful evangelism taking place in universities across the country.

There will be opportunities to train Bible study leaders, work one-to-one with CU leaders, help organise mission weeks, give evangelistic talks, lead discussions with non-Christians, work with international students and much, much more.

Relay offers a unique study program tailored to you

Relay Workers follow a unique study programme designed to ground them theologically and practically through diverse means of study. Relay is designed to have both training and study elements that will be passed on through practical hands-on ministry with students. As well as the conferences, one morning/afternoon a week is devoted to core study which works through biblical doctrines and another morning/afternoon gives time for elective study, where Relay Workers decide upon a topic to study in depth or take part in a Leadership Network, HomestartPartnership module.

Relay opens lots of doors...

Relay is primarily a training year where others will be investing in you, preparing you to take the gospel into all of life. Many Relay Workers go on to secular employment such as accountants, civil servants, teachers, MA/PhD candidates and many more. Regardless of the destination, the lessons learnt on Relay will equip you to live and speak for Jesus in the workplace. Other Relay Workers have gone on to ministry such as UCCF Staff Work, Homestart, church internships and many now lead churches, Christian charities and student movements across the world, building on the foundations instilled during Relay and taking the gospel to local communities and the nations.

Whatever form of long-term employment you are considering, Relay gives you the convictions and tools to be an effective witness for Christ, a committed member of the church and lifelong follower of Jesus.

Interested in doing Relay?

Have a chat with your CU Staff Worker, or find out how to apply.


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